Initial fee: 10 zł
From 0 to 15 minutes: 0 zł
From 16 to 60 minutes: 1 zł
up to 2 hours 2zł
up to 3 hours 3 zł
Every consecutive hour: 4 zł


Fee for extending the 12-hour rental period 200
Value of the bike in case of theft or damage 2000

Detailed Prices in the rules of the system


Valid from 14.08.2023:

Pricelist for standard bikes

Payment for rental

Time range

Gross value


from 1 to 15 minutes

no fees

from 16 to 60 minutes


from 60 to 120 minutes

2 PLN/h

from 121 to 180 minutes

3 PLN/h

each subsequent commenced hour

4 PLN/h

Payment for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental

200 PLN

Fee for theft, loss or damage of bikes


2000 PLN

cargo type (family/goods)

7000 PLN


Additional fees

Initial fee

10 PLN

Letter notification regarding a breach to the Terms of Service

10 PLN

Leaving the Bike at a different location than the appropriate station for a given type

of Bike in the User Zone

50 PLN+5 PLN per km

Leaving the Bike outside of the User Zone

500 PLN

Fees indicated in the tables are VAT tax inclusive

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